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The celluon keyboard is the world's first projection keyboard capable of being fully integrated by OEMs into smart phones, cell phones, PDAs, or other mobile or wireless device. When equipped with the celluon keyboard, the OEM device uses a tiny laser "pattern projector" -- also developed by Canesta -- to project the image of a full-sized keyboard onto a convenient flat surface between the device and the user, such as a tabletop or the side of a briefcase. The user can then type on this image and Canesta's electronic perception technology will instantly resolve the user's finger movements into ordinary serial keystroke data that is easily utilized by the wireless or mobile device. The celluon keyboard Perception Chipset includes all the modules needed for a projected keyboard product including: the celluon keyboard Sensor Module, the celluon keyboard Light Source, and the celluon keyboard Pattern Projector.

The celluon keyboard is an important new application that resolves the "missing link" with mobile and wireless devices -- the ability to do "true data input". Current input solutions such as thumb keyboards or handwriting recognition, though popular, are limited in their ability to support typing-intensive applications such as document and memo creation as well as email composition. An integrated projection keyboard means that the mobile or wireless device can now support applications that previously would have only been practical with a full-sized, mechanical keyboard. This is good news for OEMs that wish to differentiate their products with important, new mobility applications, and good news for service providers, that now can offer value added services to their subscribers, including "leave your notebook PC at home."

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