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Anti Sleep Alert


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Keeps you awake & safe while driving/ on work.

• Easy to use & comfortable to wear for a long time.
• Three variable angle setting for customized performance.
• Powerful alarm beep.
• Batteries included.

Also suitable for machine operators, surveillance & security staff & pilots.

Driver alert works by detecting when the user’s head nods down while driving. This is a symptom of feeling drowsy or sleepy, because the neck muscles relax which causes the head to nod down.

Direction for Use:
1. Press the on/off button to the on position.
2. Test the unit by tilting it forward and backward.
3. Place unit and adjust comfortably behind the right ear. Anti-doze detector must be fitted correctly to work effectively. Head should not nod more than 15⁰-20⁰ before it beeps/ vibrate.
4. Press the on/off button again to turn off the device.
5. Remove the device when not in use.
Please Note:
This product is designed to help driver stay alert while driving and avoid momentary lapse of concentration caused by fatigue. In case if the driver feels tired, he/she should carefully stop over at the safe place and rest until they feel adequately alert to drive safely. The driver should not rely solely on this device to keep them awake while driving.

To Change Batteries:
1. Take out two small screws on the cover and open cover.
2. Replace the old batteries with the new ones (included)
3. Place back cover and screws.

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