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Go Smart- Mini Three Key Pedometer- Counts Steps Taken, Distance Covered and Calories Burnt
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1. Pedometer (step counter) adopts microcomputer technology with mini-construction design and readable LCD display. The paces are detected via movement of waist.
2. Step count range from 0 to 99,999.
3. Three keys with MODE, RESET & SET. Adjusting the step length and weight can get more accurate records.
4. The device can auto detect walking and jogging to make the corresponding counts.
5. The device turns off automatically if not used for one minute.
1. Securely clip the device on your waistband or belt close to the center of your body. False mounting may lead to inaccurate results.
2. Start measurement by pressing the RESET key to clear previous record and to restart the new measurement.
3. Press MODE to switch display among Mileage-kilometer- Calorie-Step pace in sequence.
4. Press SET to set the step length.
5. Press MODE key to enter in under the step pace condition, then press SET to adjust.
6. Press RESET key to reset the step counting.
1. For this precise instrument, please make sure to operate and maintain properly.
2. Don’t disassemble the instrument, other wise it may cause the measuring accuracy of the device.
3. Step length range: 30 to 180cm, at 5cm LCD display as “L”
4. Weight range: 10 to 150KG, at 5Kg LCD display as “┌”

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